Led Intermediate (2nd series) class /workshop 

Saturday 16th February 10.30am - 12.30pm.

$30 all students.

Book in now to secure your spot!! email- earleyyoga@gmail.com

Nadi Shodhana - clearing the energetic channels. 
This group of postures cleanses the nervous system through a rigorous combination of backbending, twisting, hip opening, strength and balancing asanas. It is said to purify the subtle energy channels or nadis thus allowing the pranayama to flow freely throughout the body, it also works strongly on the nervous system.
I will break down some of the key postures and movements and provide modifications for some of the more demanding asanas.

Open to regular second series practitioners, students just starting out on 2nd series, students with a regular primary series practice and students of other schools/styles of yoga wanting to come along and experience the Ashtanga intermediate series (at least 2 years minimum of regular yoga practice required)