Yoga Breathing for harmony of body, mind and soul

Saturday 29th September 11am - 2pm . $80

 Bookings to earleyyoga@gmail.com

Since ancient times Yogis have practiced awareness and control of the breath, known as Pranayama, as a powerful medium for developing mental peace, harmony and clarity.

This practical workshop teaches simple and practical breathing techniques to:

  • relieve stress and anxiety

  • release tension

  • cope better with conflict

  • increase awareness and vitality

  • develop clarity of thought

  • nourish happiness and well-being

  • improve sleep and the ability to relax

Participants of all levels will leave with valuable tools to enhance their wellbeing that are easily applicable in even the busiest lifestyle.

Yoga teaches that, beyond the physical body, there are far more subtle currents flowing within our being. The ancient Yogis outlined the layers of gross and increasingly subtle awareness which combine to make up what we are in this current life. The practice of Yoga aims to pierce the mystery of the these subtle currents and come to an understanding of our essence. 

Yogic practices are many and varied, going far beyond the practice of physical postures. Yoga is a science of the body, mind and spirit, calming our thoughts and eventually guiding us into oneness with our inner being and the spirit of the universe. 

One of the key tools used in Yoga to bring about this transformation is through awareness and control of our breath, or Pranayama. Breathing is an integral part of our being. With each inhalation we take within our body a part of the atmosphere that surrounds us - the temperature, smell, taste, nutrients, energy and vibration of the air inhaled are all consumed. As we exhale we also pass that what has been within us back out into the general atmosphere. It is a process where we are in communion with the elements and people in close proximity.

Breathing also bridges the borders between our various layers of consciousness. The breath can be controlled consciously - lengthened, shortened, deepened, stopped, quickened etc. Yet it is a process that, in order for us to live, continues without our conscious awareness. Thus the breath is a rare tool that we can work with consciously to affect us physiologically and subconsciously, thus calming and relaxing the mind. 

Our autonomic nervous system, which controls the automatic or involuntary functions of the body such as the digestive, respiratory, immune and cardiovascular systems also has a major role in our reactions and response to stress. Breathing is the only one of these autonomic systems that can be controlled voluntarily. Thus through the breath and pranayama we have an access point to the autonomic system which can powerfully effect our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. By changing the pattern of our breath, it’s rate and depth, a profound transformation can happen surprisingly quickly.

Yet, although we do it on average nearly 22000 times per day, rarely do we stop to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the breath. The Breathing and Pranayama workshop brings awareness to the breath process, techniques of breathing and pranayama that can be practiced anywhere, at any time. The workshop harnesses the power of the breath to calm, sooth and focus the mind, cultivate strength of will and to deal with the anxiety and stress of daily life.