SUNDAY 28 MAY 2017

11.30AM – 1.45PM

In this first workshop for Brisbane Ashtanga Yoga, Aaron will guide you through the full sequence of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series sequence. Allowing some extra time to explain, demonstrate, practice, and gain an understand of the key components of the practice as well as receive individual assistance in areas where needed. 


Topics covered in this workshop will include: 

  • Workshopping some of the more challenging postures and looking at ways we can work towards achieving your full expression of the pose.
  • Looking at some of the more tricky transitions between the postures including Jump backs and jump throughs, and ways we can work towards making your practice smooth and efficient. 
  • Chanting and explanations of the opening & closing prayer and chanting of the Sanskrit postures. 
  • Learning the "drishti" gazing point for every pose to help settle the mind during practice.
  • The correct breathing we utilise during the practice will be covered and a pranayama section at the end of the sequence. 
  • This workshop is a must for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method and explore elements of the practice that are not often taught in your typical Led class. 

$35. Places limited, please book in and pay to secure your spot. 
Payment at the studio or bank transfer.