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Beginners or new to Ashtanga yoga
There are a few different options to begin practicing at Brisbane Ashtanga Yoga. 

  • Come along to any of the Mysore style classes and be closely guided and talked through the initial sequence of postures and we will build onto that in each class. Mysore style classes are suitable for beginners, you will be taught the first part of the ashtanga sequence and your practice will be around 35-45min long. Practice time will gradually increase as you continue to come to class and learn more of the sequence. Learn more about Mysore style in the class descriptions below.

  • Enrol in one of our beginners courses. In these courses you will learn the fundamental aspects of the Ashtanga Yoga practice. Check the events page for next course.

  • Attend our Ashtanga Led classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.30am - 10.30am.

  • No bookings are required for any classes, please turn up 5-10 minutes before the class start time, payment can be made at the studio via card or cash.

Please read the beginners course information and dates in the workshop and events page

Ashtanga Mysore Style 
Is the traditional method for practising and learning Ashtanga Yoga. Named after the city in India where Sri K Pattabhi Jois taught this method and now his grandson and current director of KPJAYI  Sharath Jois.

Please note this is not a 2.5hr class — these classes have a flexible start and finish time.
Meaning you may come and start your practice anytime between the scheduled hours. Simply leave enough time to finish your practice before the scheduled hours end

In the Mysore style class students gradually learn the Ashtanga yoga sequence of postures over time at a pace that is suitable for them under the guidance of an experienced teacher who gives hands on individual adjustments and verbal instructions where necessary, specific to the students needs. You will receive individual one on one attention in a group setting.

In the Mysore style class students of mixed levels practice together, each according to their own ability and experience. All practitioners will benefit greatly from the supportive group energy of other students. One of the wonderful aspects of the Mysore style class is that it allows each student to enter a quite solitude to fully experience their own practice on a deep, meditative level.  

Mysore classes are the best and most effective way of learning the sequence. It is a big misconception that these Mysore classes are only for those who know the sequence. This is not true! Total beginners are encouraged and welcome. 

Ashtanga Led Classes
During this class the teacher guides you through the postures of the Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series. The whole class moves and breaths together, it is a powerfully dynamic and focused class. 

These led classes are a fantastic class to focus the mind, connect with the breath, feel the rhythm of the practice and to learn the Vinyasa count. Led classes are an important compliment to your Mysore practice. For both new and experienced students.

Private Tuition
Private Sessions are available at the studio, whether you are wanting to refine and deepen your existing practice, begin working on the Ashtanga sequence in a private setting, or work one on one with an experienced teacher if you have any injuries or limitations. Please contact us directly to enquire. 

Corporate Session
Providing yoga as a workplace benefit can greatly reduce stress, work related injuries, increase energy levels and concentration and provide a better work-life balance. 

All private and corporate sessions are held at Brisbane Ashtanga Yoga studio in New Farm.

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